Neck Pain is unbearable! It Might Be Cervical Spondylosis

What is cervical spondylosis ?

Commonly known as cervical spondylosis, spondylitis, spondylarthritis or spondylarthrosis begins as a degenerative process in the central intervertebrak (body) joints. Subsequently it affects the posteriod intervertebral (apophysial) joints.

Symptoms of cervical spondylosis

  • Pain and Stiffness at the neck are the primary symptons.
  • Repetitive movements or posturak strains may give rise to pain on the posterior aspect of neck over the trapezius.
  • If there is nerve root compression radiation of pain from shoulder to digits along the course of the nerve.
  • Tingling and numbness present in the hands.
  • Sometimes Muscular weakness or sensory impairment.


  • X-ray show the joints space reduced in Osteophytes.
  • In case if nerve root compression, MRI will give best result.


  • It depends on the severity of the condition.
  • Mild symptoms control with rest in the cervical collar, postural guidance with the help of physiotherapist & drug therapy like mild pain killers.
  • Does hot therapy by heating pads / hot water beg etc. at home.
  • In the severe cases there is stiff and painful neck with positive neurologica signs. Immobilisation of the neck in a molded or POP collar may be necessary for 6 weeks.
  • Disc lesion with rupture of annulus may be treated by manipulation.

Physciotherapy treatment

  • It is best for the Cervical Spobdylarthritis.
  • For reduce pain & stiffness use physciotherapy equipments Ultra Sound, TENS & SWD.
  • In case of Nerve Root Compression use Electric Traction for best result.


  • Exercise can will be started when pain was reduced.
  • Exercise started with the self resisted exercise of the Neck.
  • (A) for Flexors  (B) for Extensor (C) for lateral flexors (D) For rotators.
  • Then start mobility Exercises. (will be done in very slow motion moves)
    • Neck moves towards right & left as we do in saying 'NO'.
    • Neck moves towards up & down as we do in saying 'YES'.
    • Touching the ears to the shoulder. First Right ear & then left Ear.
    • Close the hands towards the chest retract to back side.
    • Keep the hands behind the head and try to touch the elbows each other.
    • keep the fingers on the shoulder & do the rotatary movements in clock & anticlock direction.
    • protues movement of shoulders. That is the touching of shoulder to the ear.


  • Now a day’s its very common in young generation due to overuse of Computer, Laptop & Mobile.
  • So to avoid Cervical Sponsylosis when using these devices match the height of device on the level of neck position.
  • Avoid forward bending of neck for long time.
  • Avoid keeping the neck in one position.
Dr. R K Marya
M.B.B.S , M.D.
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