Protect Yourself by Knowing the Breast Cancer Symptoms

Cancer is a disease that silently begins in a person’s body causing serious damage or could prove to be fatal if not diagnosed in time. For a women breast cancer is a very crucial disease as it not only physically takes a toll on the woman but it also affects her mentally and psychologically.

Since, it is related to a body part that is part of a woman personality, physical appearance it could shake the confidence of a lady related to her appearance. This is co-related because many times the cancer is so deep rooted that amputation of the affected breast is the end result.

In order to save yourself form physical and mental trauma that breast cancer could cause to you, it is better to be safe and precautious by getting aware of the Breast Cancer Symptoms and taking care at the right time.

The abnormal growth of cells in any part of the human body leads to cancer. Breast cancer is also known as malignant tumor, which is uncontrollable growth in the cells of the breast. This grows into the tissues around and could spread to other areas of the body. As the belief goes that when you hear the word breast cancer immediately women come to your mind. But, today it has been proved that even men are a risk to get breast cancer therefore, men also should be careful and also be aware for how to detect this life taking disease.

What Causes Breast Cancer?

  • Due to age: 80% of women get breast cancer around the age of 50 years and above mainly after facing menopausal. Hence the older a woman gets the higher is the risk.
  • Hereditary: if there is a family history of any female member suffered from breast cancer then there are chances of the newer generation to be vulnerable to getting this cancer
  • Medical history: if a woman had cancer or breast cancer in the past, she has high chances of getting cancer again.
  • Exposure of estrogen: if a woman enters menopause in an early age or if much later that the usual expected age then the risks of breast cancer is high. This is due to the body is being exposed to estrogen for a longer time and the sudden start and stop of the cycle during menopausal
  • Having dense breast tissue: those women are more prone to breast cancers, who have dense breast tissues.
  • Alcohol: those who consume alcohol on regular basis is at risk of getting breast cancer.
  • Problem of obesity: there are side effects of menopausal and one of which is obese or overweight. Post-menopausal if a woman suffers from obesity the she could develop breast cancer. This is due to the level of estrogen going up.
  • Professional intensity: as researches prove that before the first pregnancy if a women has been working at hectic night shifts are at high risk to get breast cancer.
  • Cosmetic implantation: women who undergo cosmetic surgeries especially breast implants are at very high risk of getting breast cancer and these patients are at more danger of dying prematurely then other female cancer victims.

Breast Cancer Symptoms That Every Woman Should Be Aware And Precautious Of:

  1. Appearance of a lump in either breast or both.
  2. If you experience pain in the armpit/s or breast that does not relate to your menstrual cycle.
  3. If you notice pitting or redness of the breast skin, it could resemble the skin of an orange.
  4. Touch the breast to examine if you feel any area with thickened tissue in either breast.
  5. Notice if there is a rash around or on one or both nipples.
  6. Swelling or lump could form in either of the armpits.
  7. Another breast cancer symptom is discharge or bleeding from one or both nipples.
  8. The nipple could change, as it may sunk in or become inverted
  9. The breast changes in size or shape
  10. The skin of the nipple or the breast starts to peel, scale or flake.

Treatment for Breast Cancer Depending On the Stage:

A team of specialists that includes an oncologist, radiographer, radiologist, cancer surgeon specialist, pathologist, specialized nurse and reconstructive surgeon come together for breast cancer. After the breast cancer symptoms are diagnosed this team of doctors decide the best possible treatment depending on the stage of the cancer. Since breast cancer could also be related to a womens emotions and psychology sometime occupational therapist, psychologist are there to help during this crucial time, dietitian, and physical therapist are included since the body needs to be healthy to fight the cancer and cope with the strong medication and treatments. This treatment includes:

  • The stage of breath cancer
  • Radiation therapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Targeted drug therapy or biological therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Surgery (if necessary for removal of the tumor or  partial or complete amputation of the affected breast)

Precautions Before and After the Treatment of Breast Cancer:

To be on the safer side you should check for lumps under the arm and around the breasts or nipple discharge. It should be your priority to get a mammography done to check and especially if you have crossed the menopause stage. Women who have been through menopause are at higher risk of getting breast cancer. After the treatment of cancer you should go for regular check up to keep a track on the cell growth and if the cancer returns it could be caught in time and start immediate treatment.