Are You Aware of Bone Spurs in Heels and its Causes?

What is Bone Spur in Heels?

Heel spur or Bone Spur in Heels is an extra growth under the heel. This bone spur is the collection of calcium under the heel and is mainly known as the Planter Fascia and could grow upto half-an-inch. These out-growths can only be seen in the X-ray, since it is said that in some cases a person does not experience pain.

Causes of Bone Spur in Heels:

There are many causes of bone spur in the heels some are caused due to old age the plantar fascia looses flexibility and the heels fat pads decrease. This is also caused by injuries or some are medical disorders. Injuries due to sprain in the foot muscles, ligament tears, often tearing of the membrane covering the heel bone, athletic stress or strain, . Medically bone spur in heels could be caused by bone related or inflammatory diseases like arthritis, skeletal hyperostosis, diabetes, etc.  Other factors causing bone spurs in heels are:

  • Walking abnormally, causes excessive stress to the heel bone, the ligaments, and nerves near the heel.
  • Jogging, on hard surfaces like concrete roads.
  • Wearing shoes that are not the correct size or of low grade material, or shoe without decent foot arch support.
  • Extra weight and obesity problems.
  • Spending most of the day standing.
  • Frequent injuries during physical activity.
  • Flat feet or high arches in the feet.

Symptoms of Bone Spur in Heels:

Usually bone spurs in heels do not show any particular symptoms, but it could be linked to chronic pain mainly while jogging, running or walking. At the tip of the growth there is inflammation. The soft tissue around the growing Spur causes the pain and inflammation. The occurring pain is described as pin or knife poking into the feet/foot in the mornings. This piercing pain later mellows to a wage ache. The intensive poking pain returns if a person stands up after sitting for a very long time.


Treatments of Bone Spur in Heels:

The main motive of treatment is to reduce the pain and inflammation in the tissues around the bone spur in heels, since the pain is mainly in the tissues around the heel

  • Stretching exercises should be done before getting out of the bed in the mornings and before standing up after sitting for a long time.
  • Applying ice to the inflamed heal helps sooth the pain and inflammation.
  • People suffering with bone spurs in the heel are recommended to wear proper sole shoes like orthopedic shoes.
  • They can also use orthotic insoles.
  • To rest the stressed muscles and tendons the process of taping or strapping is done.
  • Orthotic devices could be used.
  • Physiotherapy exercises
  • Stretch the calves and make moving the legs when sitting continuously for a long in one place. This reduces the inflammation and strain to the feet.
  • If the bone spur is too big then doctors advice to perform a surgery in order to extract the spur bone.

Some Home Remedies

  • Use ice packs as it reduces and sooths the inflammation and pain.
  • Mix ½ tsp baking soda in water and apply the paste and bandage it.
  • Drop 2-3 tsp of Epsom salt (Senda namak) in a warm water tub and soak the foot for 10-15 mins.
  • Apply and massage coconut oil on the inflamed area and leave for few hours.
  • Since turmeric is a natural painkiller mix in a cup of milk 1 tsp of turmeric (haldi) powder, heat on low flame and drink it twice a day.

Alfalfa has minerals like selenium and calcium that are required for healthy bone development. Take ½ tsp of these seeds and boil on low flame in half a cup of water. Think this 1-2 times a day with honey.

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