Know How Simple the Dental Implant Procedure Is

Everything you need to know about dental implant procedure

An overall process that includes replacing or restoring the lost, decayed or damaged tooth is referred as a Dental implant procedure. Dental implants are nothing but artificial tooth that is used for restoring the missing tooth. The restoration can be done for one, two or multiple teeth. Deciding to go for dental implant can be a very good decision as this will not only bring back your lost confidence but will also keep you safe from various oral health diseases.

If you have a decayed or lost tooth, it does not remain easy for you to be confident in different public gatherings. Talking and smiling becomes difficult and you might become too self-conscious while doing so. Not only this, but a lost tooth bring along several health problems with it. You may face difficulty in eating and chewing food because of that you have to avoid certain food items. This will put a negative impact of your health that might bring problem like malnutrition. Many of the oral health issues can be avoided by understanding the importance of dental implant procedure.

Dental implant is all about restoring the lost tooth. There can be varied reasons due to which a person can experience tooth or teeth loss. Below are the few reasons for teeth loss or conditions that can be rectified with the help of a dental implant –

  1. Cavities
  2. Decayed tooth
  3. Accident or other tooth injury
  4. Improper eating habits
  5. Inborn diseases

The dental implants procedure involves utilizing implants made up of titanium. These are nothing but root devices that are the major tool for the restoration process and are usually strong and durable. The artificial teeth or you can say the dental implants are very much similar to your original teeth and while you’ve undergone the dental implant procedure, you will notice that everything is normal and the implant make you feel exactly like your natural teeth. The dental implants have the capability to hold single or more than one tooth with the help of a bridge.

The dental implants procedure can be majorly categorized into two parts i.e. fibrointegrated and osseointegrated implant however; osseointegrated implant is the most preferred one.


Dental implant procedure – Simple and Easy


There are a few things that you have to keep in mind to achieve the most effective outcome. Identifying the structure i.e. the shape, the size and the dimension of the bone is utterly important for the right result. A 3D CT scan is performed to get the correct implant design and based on this the replacement tooth is prepared for the surgery.

The dental implant procedure is simple and the entire process takes place under the observation of professionals where they assure you for giving the right care and treatment that too with absolute comfort. If required, the initial step includes the tooth extraction just before the placement of the implant. Once the old decayed or broken teeth are removed the process can be further followed by placing the dental implant that is to be placed in the jaw bone. The implant is placed inside the bone by the help of a mild surgical method. Once the implant is set right then the replacement teeth is placed upon the implant. This is how it is done! You now have your new teeth and the dental implant process is over in just a single appointment.


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