Remedies to Trounce Wisdom Teeth Pain

Wisdom Teeth Pain is a problem to adults. In our childhood we face a lot of trouble getting our teeth twice but a few are left to trouble us later in age known as Wisdom teeth.  

These are the four furthest back molars in human mouth which usually appear at about the age of twenty or nearby. These teeth if completely come out of the gums and are in the proper position, they are usually safe and do not disturb natural purpose of grinding.

Generally these are grown halfway causing gum infections; bad breath etc., one of many problems caused is wisdom teeth pain. As the wisdom teeth come in, they are very painful and disturbing. One feels wisdom teeth pain at the back of the mouth, behind your molars. Wisdom teeth pain can be constant for a few people, while others only experience pain and discomfort while chewing or touching the particular area.


What to do in Wisdom Teeth Pain:

If there is a severe pain one must sure shot visit the dentist. Often severe pain is a sign that one must be having snag. For less-severe pain, though, there are a variety of options one can choose for relief. There are natural remedies as well as painkillers to avoid a bit of issues caused. Another thing is of course prevention, brushing teeth multiple times per day is always a good idea, though it has not to be particularly scheduled.


Some Home Remedies for Wisdom Teeth Pain:

Ice Packs: ice packs are generally and normally applied to ease the pain and swelling in most of the cases. People have always had knowledge about how this helps to remove a strain caused in gym etc. thus, it can also be used extensively to relieve wisdom tooth pain.


Salt Water: Dissolving salt in hot water, and then rinsing similar to as one do of his mouthwash, he will feel immediate relief from the swelling and pain. It also helps as other benefits importantly killing of germs which may further cause infection.


Pain Relievers: One can also get quick relief by taking counter pain relievers, such as Advil, Motrin, or Tylenol. Advil and Motrin are also helpful to relieve the swelling, although they generally cause gastrointestinal irritation in sensitive individuals and people with weak liver.


Onion Juice: Onion juice is one of the most helpful remedie when it comes to wisdom teeth pain. What one can do is cut an onion in half and place it on the inner cheek where there is sore tooth. Whenever there is a twinge of pain, bite into the onion to extract the juice. The juice relieves the pain as well as kills harmful germs. This could give reliving results.


Whiskey: Yes, Whiskey can be another help in the wisdom teeth pain, all one needs to do is sip a shot of whiskey, but does not have to swallow it. One just has to swirl it around in the mouth for a minute or so and there will be an instant relief. If the person takes alcohol regularly, then it can be swallowed for more pain relief. The only thing which should be checked is on must not overdo it. Excess of consumption of alcohol is a major issue to overall health.


Cloves: Another proven home remedy is clove oil which has a lot of pain-relieving properties. Either dab your sore gums with the oil, or place a whole clove on the sore tooth. Squeeze the clove to release the oils onto your gums. This can work miraculously and can even kill all the germs causing infections in wisdom teeth pain area.


The straw method – this is one of many known remedies but is still very uncommon. For this, one needs a drinking straw. All one has to do is place the straw in the mouth, use the tongue to position the straw over the exact tooth, and suck in air. This method dries out the tooth which is generally done by the dentists before an extraction, making the nerves in the pulp become less sensitive to pain. This method needs practice and appropriation.


Wisdom Tooth Pain should never be taken lightly. While at-home pain management is a good option for some patients who are not in excessive problem of wisdom teeth, but in most cases wisdom tooth extraction is the best way to alleviate wisdom tooth pain and protect oral and overall health and well being of the patient.

Dr. Saraswati Agrawal
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