Simple and effective Home remedies for weight loss

Every day we see various weight reducing products making fake promises to lose weight magically in a short span of time. It’s all a way to misguide the customers. The right way considered to reduce your weight is exercising and having a proper diet. It’s impossible to reduce weight without even adding efforts and changing your daily routine.

Now a day’s obesity or weight gain has become the most common problem that is directly or indirectly affecting your health. What lead us to gain weight are the imbalances which occur in our mind and body. Some of which includes the following:

    Physical imbalance which stores toxin, it drains our energy and causes us to eat stimulating food products.
  • Nutritional imbalance which means our body isn’t provided with appropriate nutrients.
  • Mental and emotional imbalance is also a factor which leads to weight gain that is by indulging in excess food which we often use it to overcome our stress and anxiety factors in our daily life.

But there are major three simple reasons for obesity or weight, i.e. irregular eating habits, no exercise and wrong lifestyle. Further which leads to metabolic disorders, genetic reasons or due to side effects of medicines.

In this article, we have a list of some safe and proven home remedies for weight loss which you simply need to incorporate into your daily diet and see your fat melting away. These natural remedies are very effective, it may take time as it depends from body to body but will surely give a positive result. Following are those remedies:

    Honey and Lime:

The most common and easily available ingredients at home are lime and honey. When lime juice and honey are combined together they help in reducing obesity.


1-2 tbsp of Lime juice

1tbsp of Honey

1 glass of lukewarm water


Mix all the ingredients and stir it well. Drink this early in the morning with empty stomach which makes it more effective and helps in reduction of weight loss.

    Pepper and ginger:

Pepper and ginger are available in nearly every kitchen all over the world, and their mixture helps you to reduce weight as well.


¼ tbsp of powdered black pepper

¼ tbsp of finely powdered ginger


Prepare a mixture of powdered long pepper, black pepper and dried ginger in equal quantities. Mix the mixture with lukewarm water and take it twice a day. If possible have this between your main meals of the day. You can even add honey to make it healthier. This helps you to shed the obese fat efficiently and without any side effects.

    Green tea:

These days green tea has gained a lot of popularity in weight loss process. People prefer green tea instead of coffee or tea as it a great source of oxidation and energy. This tea also has high antioxidant capacity which boosts metabolism and burns fat which makes it perfect for the people who want to reduce weight.


Cabbage has special photochemical that prevent fat build-up in the body. Consumption of cabbage either raw or cooked helps in burning excess fat.


Cinnamon is the herb that is not used in daily cooking, but is mostly used in sweets. This helps to activate insulin receptors and enzyme systems involved in carbohydrate metabolism. It regulates your blood sugar levels and reduces bad cholesterol from the body.

It detoxifies and energizes your body. You can sprinkle some on your breakfast cereals, coffee or tea for that added flavor. Alternatively, you can grind some cinnamon into powder form and have it with honey and warm water.

Thus, these were some of the most effective natural home remedies for weight loss. On the whole we would like to conclude by saying that regular exercise, a balanced diet and a few home remedies for weight loss, that’s all you need to stay fit and live a healthy life.

Stay fit! Stay active!