Identifying The Signs of Dehydration in Babies

How to identify the signs of dehydration in babies for better care

The early you identify the signs of dehydration in your child the better it is for their health. Many parents, specially the first timers do not have proper knowledge of how to take care of their baby and this can sometime affect their child’s health.

Dehydration in babies is caused due to the decreased quotient of fluid in the body and this is one of the major causes that can make your child weak. In comparison to adults, babies are more prone to dehydration. Constant excretion of fluid from your baby’s body can be due to dehydration. Babies excrete fluid through vomiting, stools, urine, fever or sweat and if the baby looses excessively more fluid than he/she is taking in then this is due to dehydration. Recognizing the early signs of dehydration in your babies can be a greater help in keeping him/her healthy as proper medication can be provided on correct time. 

Below listed are the few symptoms and signs of dehydration in babies:

  • The number of wet diapers starts decreasing gradually
  • The baby sleeps less or sometimes sleeps extra
  • Constantly irritated
  • Dry and parched lips along with dry mouth
  • Feels thirsty again and again
  • The eyes of the baby appears sunken
  • Urine appears darker and also have stronger smell than usual times.

What To Do Once You Recognize The Signs Of Dehydration in Babies:

Once you recognize the signs of dehydration in babies the first and the immediate step that you should take is to consult a doctor. Unnecessary delay can cause a serious dehydration to your baby. Doctor can provide the right medication for your baby or even suggest giving liquids through intravenous tube (IV tube) so that your baby gets re-hydrated. When the dehydration is not very severe then doctor may suggest simple medication or just instruct you with the steps to be followed. Even if you recognize the symptoms of dehydration in your child you should always consult your doctor before giving any type of medication to them. There are many ORS or electrolyte liquids available on medical stores but you should ask your doctor before giving these to your baby.


Causes of Dehydration In Your Babies:

Below listed are a few of the common reasons why babies suffer dehydration:

  1. Very hot weather or sudden change in climate can affect your baby’s body and this may result in dehydration
  2. Constant fever can also turn into dehydration
  3. The patients with asthma and other allergies suffer dehydration frequently
  4. Infections are another reason that can cause dehydration in your babies
  5. Drinking less water or less intake of fluids on regular basis

Dehydration not only means losing water but necessary minerals and other elements are also lost from the body of your baby. In this case you have to strictly follow the instruction given by the doctor and take all the essential steps to keep the little one hydrated.

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