How To Help Teething Baby: Remedies and Relief

Being babies everyone has to pay the price of having teeth through severe pain and continuous irritation. You know it and can feel it when our babies face similar pain. So, How to Help Teething Baby?

You often have no idea how to deal with this problem. Teething baby keep on crying, in pain, screaming, and desperately want us to do something about it. Although, it is not possible to make the pain go away completely, you can at least help them with a few remedies and relief methods so that small babies can tolerate the pain.

If you know the right way of how to help teething baby, You can help your baby first by identifying is she teething by analyzing if your baby has suddenly become very squirmy and fussy during his/her feeding, is excessively drooling or has a severe diaper rash, chances are your little guy might be getting his/her first tooth. Once you are aware about the situation you can follow the following remedies and relief methods to help teething baby relax as much as you can.

Remedies and Relief Methods for Teething Problem In Babies

Teething Toys – If you are finding the answer to the question that how to help teething baby with utmost care and no side effects then this is one of the best way of doing this . There are several great teething toys on the market for a very cheap price. These toys are specially designed for what teething baby is going through, so you can use them without any doubt in your head.  Many of these toys sometimes distracts the baby if not soothe them.


Cool Drinks Help Teething- this is another safe method which has no side effects, the only thing is that one has to make sure drink is not too cold. Cool, sugar-free drinks will help to soothe your baby's gums and may help if they are dribbling excessively. The best option is to give them cool water. This can help the teething baby extensively. Comforting a teething baby


Preventing Teething Rashes - If teething is making your baby dribble and you have no idea about how to help teething baby then, all you need to do is to frequently wipe their chin and the rest of their face. This will help to prevent them from developing a rash. You may also find it useful for your baby to sleep on an absorbent sheet.


Other Cold Things: one can try a refrigerated pacifier or teether. (Don't store the teether in the freezer because when frozen it can get hard enough to damage a baby's gums).There are a variety of refrigerated teethers, including some with plastic handles so your baby's hands won't get cold. Liquid-filled teethers work well when you are confused about how to help teething baby, but keep a check for leaks from those teethers. Firm rubber teething rings are also a good alternative. Whichever kind you choose, keep an eye on your baby to make sure s/he is safe.


Teething Gels – this remedy needs a prior discussion with the baby’s doctor for a better result and no side effects. For babies over four months old, you can get sugar-free teething gel after doctor’s consultation. You can get teething gel from your local pharmacy and how to help teething baby becomes simpler. Teething gels often contain a mild anaesthetic, which helps to numb any pain or discomfort caused by teething to the baby. The gels may also contain antiseptic ingredients, which help to prevent infection in any sore or broken skin in your baby's mouth.


Comforting a Teething Baby -Comforting or playing with your baby can sometimes distract them from the pain in their gums. Your baby may be feeling too irritable or restless to play, but at other times, it may be a good way of getting them to concentrate on something other than their teething pain. This can be the best solution to keep your baby happy and saying goodbye to the question 'how to help teething baby' which is popping in your mind time and again.


Chewing Material: Try and give healthy things for your baby to chew, such as raw fruit and vegetables. For example, pieces of apple and carrot are often ideal. You could also try giving your baby a crust of bread or a breadstick. Always stay close in case they choke. It is best to avoid rusks because nearly all brand contain some sugar. Avoid any items that contain lots of sugar as this can cause tooth decay even if your child only has a few teeth.


Knowing what to do and How to help teething baby is extremely important. It is very necessary to help teething baby in whatever way possible without causing any side effect of decay to them. Teething affects each baby differently. By knowing the symptoms and taking some measures to help eliminate them, your baby's teething experience can be less painful. Preventive care will help to protect his smile now and always.

Dr. Durgesh Maheswari
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